Videoclip "Queen of the Rushes "


  • The Triskells LIVE is an album that brings together recordings made during 2019 of concerts in Mexico. We want to give a show of love and thanks to the people who have supported us for these years and relive together the atmosphere and energy of our band playing LIVE.

  • Our third record material is inspired by an “Irish Public House” of its festive and cozy atmosphere, a meeting point for great musicians. Here we will find symbolic and representative themes of the Irish Pubs and especially songs recorded with the true sound and essence of Ireland at its best, which is the sound of the Irish bagpipe (Uilleann Pipe).

  • Atholl Highlanders is a very strong album, it reflects the power and energy that has characterized us these years and in this new journey from the first album that had a more ethereal touch. It is inspired by Scottish folklore (this is due to the name of Highlander, who are the inhabitants of the highlands of Scotland). In this album you will find traditional Celtic pieces, full of energy and joy, contrasting with calm and contemplative themes, transporting us to the landscapes of Scotland and its imposing nature. For us Atholl Highlanders represents that musical maturity that the band has reached, with more experience and artistic resources.

  • Our first record work is inspired by Irish folklore, its mystical atmosphere, its rich oral tradition and its great variety of legends and magical tales, but without neglecting foreign traditions, it is well known that today's borders are no more How imaginary.

    Mainly we focus on two great Irish characters, the first influence is William Butler Yeats; one of the most prominent authors of the twentieth century. Author of The Pilgrimage of Oisin (1889), The Celtic Twilight (1893), The Secret Rose (1897) and The Wind Between the Reeds (1899), based on Irish legends taking care of the musicality of the verse.

    Our second great inspiration was the almost legendary street violinist and school teacher PadraigO'Keefe, who during the early twentieth century was a great teacher of many authors and interpreters of themes today considered traditional throughout Ireland and even North America.

    In this way we fuse the magic of the lyrics, the legendary tales so characteristic of the Irish epic, with the amazing power of music, the beautiful melodies today traditional, and their emblematic instruments and ornamentations of the genre known today as Folk Music or music Celtic.